Top Pinoy DotA 2 Players based on Solo MMR

What a season it has been for DotA 2 and for the Philippines after our country’s representative, TNC Pro team, has won the championship title and took home big winnings of two of the largest electronic sports game competition across the world – The International 2016 (TI6) and World Electronic Sports Game 2016 (WESG).

But in a season filled with trophies, which player emerged as the best across our different teams? Here is a list of Top Dota 2 Pinoy players ranked by their current Solo Matchmaking Rating or MMR in the Southeast Asian region. (Dota 2 World Leaderboards, as of 1/18/2017, 6:00AM).

Fact check: MMR measures the ability of a player to win games on their own skill level, basically. This value is used in matchmaking. Winning increases a player’s MMR while losing decreases it. Is it just a number? Maybe not, at least for these players.

  1. TNC.Tims.Predator – 8135
  2. Mskiinfnty.Mac – 7733
  3. TNC.KUKU^.Predator – 7688
  4. GeekFam.Tehee – 7652
  5. TNC.Rave.Predator – 7526
  6. Mskiinfnty.PH2nd – 7509
  7. PacificB.Shanks – 7322
  8. PacificB.Tino^ – 7187
  9. HF.bebebebe – 7180
  10. Fred ! – 7131
  11. Mskiinfnty.Jamesy – 7127
  12. Mski.baski ft^mekasi.GGNetwork – 7080
  13. Mskiinfnty.SipSipTahong – 7046
  14. Era.Jacko – 7036
  15. Ulquiorra – 7020

Dreaming to be part of this list? My only tip is that if you want to achieve 7k+ MMR in Dota 2, one of the best things you can do is stay being as calm as possible (don’t be part of the Peenoise bandwagon). Rage is your worst enemy in Dota 2 so stop hitting your keyboard and continue to practice more.

16 Responses

  1. Avatar for emjay emjay says:

    di wow

  2. Avatar for Vladdemir Vladdemir says:

    ako 10k mmr bakit

  3. Avatar for solenn solenn says:

    Ano ba napapala nyo sa DOTA at pinagpapalit nyo sa mga JOWA?

  4. Avatar for khristine khristine says:

    pano po ba mag laro ng dota 2

  5. Avatar for khristine khristine says:

    pano po ba mag laro ng dota

  6. Avatar for MJGG MJGG says:

    kahit anong ka kakalmado kung di ka magaling di mo matitikman yang 7k mmr. eto tips mula sa nka 6k mmr ignore mo na lang ang mga TT tapos makipag communicate ka parin sa kasama mo kahit naiinis kna pag may clash wag magpadalos2. wag iasa ang ward sa support kung kaya mong bilhin bilhin mo na lang. AT HIGIT SA LAHAT GALINGAN MO ANG CS AT WAG MAGING MADAMOT SA KILLS

  7. Avatar for NOOBER NOOBER says:

    ^ Hater kala mo malakas

  8. Avatar for Pangetnggumawa Pangetnggumawa says:

    wtf! ang pangit naman ng last part.

  9. Avatar for BOBOnangAuthor BOBOnangAuthor says:

    Ganda na sana ng intro peru ang pangit ng advise kono.

  10. Avatar for really? really? says:

    magaling po ba yung gumawa ng article na ito??

  11. Avatar for NOOB NOOB says:

    Nagsalita si Heland, kala mo naka 7k MMR na siya.

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