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Netflix to create live-action adaptation of Gears of War

Netflix has recently announced during the Gears of War 16th anniversary, that they will ...

HBO releases first teaser of The Last of Us TV series

HBO has shared the first teaser for its upcoming TV series adaptation of the popular ...

WATCH: Games about viruses, outbreaks, and pandemics!

Watch Games About Viruses, Outbreaks, And Pandemics!The Pandemic has been very hard for ...

WATCH: Classic Games that deserve Remakes!

There are a lot of classic games that paved the way for the games that we have now. If we ...

WATCH: 10 LGBTQ Video Game Characters

Gaming Culture has evolved with time. It has become a safe space for everyone in the ...

WATCH: 10 Greatest Superhero Games Ever Made

Movies, Comic books and games are very alike. whether with its fast, action pace scene or ...

WATCH: Stardew Valley – The Pursuit of Happiness

Stardew Valley is known to be this quirky game where you are free to make your character ...

WATCH: 10 Greatest Superhero Games ever made

Movies, Comic books, and video games are very alike, whether with their fast, ...

WATCH: Upcoming Mobile games that we are excited to play!

Mobile games have been around and have evolved from being this casual, time killer into ...

WATCH: Coolest Gaming Consoles in the ’90s!

With this great era comes great gaming consoles! Revisit these iconic game consoles in ...

Nintendo launches Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda system

Nintendo has officially launched the new Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda system. ...

WATCH: Infinix Hot 10S Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Edition Unboxing and Hands-on

To serve the fans of MLBB or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Infinix joined forces with them ...
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