League of Legends: Wild Rift to disable accounts who weren’t given Google Play Store invites

Riot’s latest game, Wild Rift, is still in its Alpha testing phase, with only limited people granted access. However, people have managed to download the APK and install the game even without proper authorization.

Unfortunately, the influx of players has caused problems for Wild Rift’s data and feedback collection during the alpha testing. Additionally, their servers and processes are not yet equipped to handle the number of players that have recently joined. As such, they are disabling all accounts that were not invited to the Alpha testing.

Fortunately for those who have tried sideloading the game, this will not affect your eligibility for future test waves.

Read their full response here.

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  1. Avatar for joahua joahua says:

    pa early access naman ako matagal na ko nag hihintay

  2. Avatar for king king says:


  3. Avatar for kyawzinmg kyawzinmg says:

    Lol wildrift could not connect to the sever,play try again

  4. Avatar for Dennis licup Dennis licup says:

    How to install lol wildrift please I want to play wild rift

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