The Future of Gaming event will be broadcast on June 11

Initially set on June 4, Sony’s Future of Gaming event will be pushing through on June 11.

Sony will be officially unveiling the PS5, its games, exclusives, and more in their Future of Gaming event. It was supposed to be a live event that will run for an hour, giving fans a virtual experience as they bring fans a journey to redefine the future of videogames. However, Sony has since then pre-taped the program and will be broadcast at 1080p, 30fps. This allowed their team an easier production process, given most are currently working at home.

Additionally, Sony is urging its audience to watch the event with headphones on, as there’s audio work in the show.

The Future of Gaming event will be broadcast in Sony’s official Twitch and YouTube channel, on June 11, 1 PM Pacific Time, or June 12, 4 AM local time.

Check out their official blogpost here.

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