Blizzard to retain “Battle.net” branding for its online-gaming services

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After the comments and the players’ feedback from Blizzard’s previous announcement of changing the “Battle.net” name, the company will be retaining the same branding the players grew up with.

Blizzard Battlenet

In a recent announcement by Blizzard Entertainment, the company has decided to retain its “Battle.net” brand for online-gaming services and integrate it on their Blizzard logo. This is after the company’s previous announcement regarding their plans on changing the original name by using the “Blizzard” name on their products and services; The players and users then gave their feedbacks saying that they want to retain the “Battle.net” brand because it holds ‘sentimental value’ for them.

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In the end, Blizzard will be incorporating the word “Blizzard” on “Battle.net”, thus becoming  “Blizzard Battle.net” (as seen from the image above).

Their service will also continue as it is and they said that the technology is here to stay.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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