Ragnarok Online PH now accepts registration

Ragnarok Online Philippines has opened their registration for those who want to be one of the firsts to play the game once it becomes available.

Ragnarok Online launched in the Philippines just recently and will be free to play with the Closed Beta Testing slated for mid-June.

Just click on this link here to register.

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  1. Avatar for geoong geoong says:


  2. Avatar for Vakrine Vakrine says:


    Totally agree. Nostalgia can only last for so long. Soon enough players will realize they can’t relive those first time MMORPG memories they have. They will soon find out how truly tedious and boring grinding for long ass hours is. There are a hella lot more games out there that are infinitely better.

  3. Avatar for Deli Deli says:

    this game should already be dead, you just have to grind all the time with those old crappy mechanics. maybe just for nostalgia or gimmick.

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