Dota Underlords open beta for Steam, mobile now live

Dota’s take on the famous Dota 2 custom map, Auto Chess, called Underlords is now in open beta stage.

Valve has made an independent game called Dota Underlords on both Steam and mobile which has the core mechanics of the Auto Chess custom map. Made with Source2 game engine, the game features the hero roster of the Dota 2 game.

Players will start a match with seven other players that will battle it out in a chess-like board area. Each round, players can choose from five different heroes who are drafted randomly with various costs that you will also earn after that round. Combining three of the identical units will grant them an upgraded unit with stronger stats. The first three rounds and multiple of five, they will battle different types of neutral units that can potentially drop useful items or synergy options. However, if they are not fighting neutrals, that means that they will be fighting other player’s team instead.

Upcoming updates will include the following:

  • Four different Underlords that will become the player’s persona and will fit their different play styles.
  • Ranked matchmaking – just like with Auto Chess, players will have the chance to get up the ladder with ranked matches.
  • Battle Pass – if players have a battle pass, they can have progression, cosmetics, custom boards, and new features to amplify the game’s experience
  • Seasonal Rotations – Every season, some heroes, items, and alliances will be removed to make room for new ones.
  • Players can create their own private lobbies and matches while inviting spectators to watch the game.

The game is available on Steam, iOS, and Android. You can also download the Android APK version on their website here. Do note that the game is free to play so anyone can access it already.

Author’s Note: This game can be cross-played which means you can see Steam, iOS, or Android and play with each other.

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