Ragnarok Online PH updates: new server, 2-2 jobs

Electronics Extreme and ELITE has recently rolled out its new and third server called Chaos and 2-2 job class in Ragnarok Online PH.

The new update will provide a fresh start for new players to experience Ragnarok Online or for existing players that just want to escape from the current crowded servers. The 2-2 jobs will offer more, obviously, variety of jobs whether it be to War of Emperium or just everyday leveling or PvM (Player vs Monsters). 2-2 jobs are alternative jobs that players can class up from the already familiar first jobs. The 2-2 jobs are Crusader, Sage, Rogue, Alchemist, and Monk.

There’s no info yet whether a new map will be introduced in this new update.

Source: Ragnarok Online PH

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