Valve will no longer support Dota 2 Galaxy Battles 2018 tournament

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In a recent blog post by the Dota team, they mentioned that they would cancel the tournament’s Major designation, including the Pro Circuit qualifying points, for the Galaxy Battles 2018 tournament.

Dota 2 Valve

This is based on what we feel are unreasonable infringements on the privacy of the players, as a condition to enter the country“, said Dota team. However, they also said that the tournament may still proceed but without involvement of Valve or the Dota Pro Circuit.

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They said that this has nothing do on how they feel about fans in the Philippines, and they are sorry to those people that are planning to attend the event.

With this, they are currently “talking to tournament organizers to try to find a way to run a Major with the invited and qualifying teams, including the Pro Circuit points that would have been available in Galaxy Battles 2018.”

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