Sony PlayStation 5 pre-order shows up at Swedish online store

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A Swedish online retailer put the Sony PlayStation 5 in its store and its pre-orders are already up with a price.

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MediaMarkt has put the PS5 in its store for the price of SEK 9,999 or approximately PHP 53,779 when converted which is quite expensive for Sony’s latest console. Knowing the company’s pricing trend, its price should be around half of that only but this could be an indication that it will cost more than usual given its specs.

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Author’s Note: We are aware that this could be just a placeholder so take the pricing with a grain of salt.

The PS5 comes with a 3rd-Gen AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU, Radeon Navi graphics with support for ray tracing and 8K resolution, a 3D audio, specialized SSD, and backward-compatibility with PS4 games. To know more about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5, watch our video below.

Source: MediaMarkt

Source: GSMArena

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