SNK NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro now official

SNK Corporation has introduced the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro, a controller that also doubles as a console.

The NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro was inspired by the NEOGEO CD’s controller design, but larger. It can switch between two modes: Joystick Mode and Console Mode.

In Joystick Mode, you can connect the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro to the NEOGEO mini or PC and use it as a controller for games.

In ConSole Mode, just connect it to a TV via HDMI cable and you can play the 20 pre-installed NEOGEO classics. The button layout can be rearranged in the options menu and you can also attach a NEOGEO mini PAD controllers or even another NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro to enable 2-Player.

Pricing and release date are yet to be announced but SNK said that they’re planning a worldwide release.

source: SNK Corp

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