Monster Hunter World Standard & Collector’s Edition available for pre-ordering at DataBlitz

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The latest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise is now available for pre-order at DataBlitz.

Monster Hunter World

There is a Standard version and a Collector’s Edition version of the game that DataBlitz will be offering. Included in the Standard version are the following:

  • ‘Origin Set’ Armor
  • ‘Fair Wind Charm’
  • Monster Hunter World T-shirt

Standard Edition Preorder

Players who will pre-order the Collector’s Edition will receive the following:

  • Physical version of the game
  • Extra contents of the Digital Deluxe Edition (Samurai set, 3 gestures, 2 sticker sets, face paint, and hairstyle)
  • 32-page hardcover art book
  • Soundtrack music CD
  • High-quality statue of the flagship monster, Nergigante
  • Monster Hunter World T-shirt
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Stocks for the collector’s edition will be limited so players should decide quickly if they will pre-order or not.

Nergigante Mhworld

The Monster Hunter World standard edition for the PS4 is priced at ~Php2,400-Php2,700 and the Monster Hunter World PS4 Collector’s Edition will is priced at ~Php6,500 – Php7,500 (Note that these are estimated SRPs which can be subject to change once the copies of the game arrive). Down payments for the MHW PS4 will be at Php500 while the MHW CE PS4 will be at Php2,000.

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The Monster Hunter World PS4 copies will tentatively arrive at DataBlitz on January 26, 2018. Pre-ordering of the game can be done in All branches of DataBlitz nationwide.

To know more about the Pre-order, check their facebook post here.

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4 years ago

Magkano ang installment pag kumuha ng ps4 500gb + MHW Standard version game?

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