Mineski Global Inaugurates new Global HQ in San Juan

Mineski Global, one of the top esports and gaming companies in South East Asia, has just opened its new Global headquarters in Santola Town Plaza, San Juan.

The new Mineski Global headquarters is enormous, with offices, broadcast studios, streaming rooms, video editing, sound, and production facilities. There’s also a gaming area where they can hold tournaments and show matches. Mineski Global said that all their new offices in Southeast Asia would soon have all the features the San Juan HQ has.

To kick off the event, Mineski founder Ronald Robins gave the opening remarks, followed by San Juan Mayor Zamora. After blessing the new HQ, Mayor Zamora led the ribbon-cutting ceremony. During the main event, founder Ronald Robins has announced the five business units Mineski Global has, namely Mineski Esports, Mineski Academy, Mineski Talents, Mineski Tech, and Mineski Spaces.

Mineski Esports is the marketing arm of Mineski Global, hosting events and programs geared towards gamers. Mineski Academy aims to drive communities into esports as a career choice, Mineski Talents was created to discover, develop, manage, and maintain the country’s top esports athletes and influencers. Mineski Tech, on the other hand, helps Mineski’s partners drive innovations geared towards gaming. Lastly, Mineski Spaces handles the cyber cafe business Mineski Infinity. Currently, Mineski Infinity has over 130 branches spread across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.

To end the event, Mineski held a Tekken 7 show match between Mineski executives and executives from partnered brands. The winner gets to take home a gaming chair, as well as the honor of drawing the lucky winner for the raffle. After two best of three matches, Ms. Thea Santos of coins.ph, or “Thea Mabangis” won the show match and brought home the grand prize.

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