Logitech G announces beta version of PLAYMASTER

Logitech G announces the beta version of PLAYMASTER, an advanced skill-based training program built with professional esports organizations.

Aiming to help amateur and professional players hone their skills and reach their full potential, Playmaster is designed to capture specific data from gamers. It is a skills-based software program that provides a roadmap that determines each player’s strengths and weaknesses for improvement of their game performance. Among these skills are enemy detection, aiming, recoil management, and more.

Players are given a 30-minute-long skills assessment first to see how they perform relative to the community average and against the world’s top professionals.

Logitech G’s PLAYMASTER is developed with lead research partner, Lero Esports Science Research Lab, located at the University of Limerick.

Currently, the tool supports the free-to-play Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Players may access and try the tool in this link.

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