Filipinos are more excited about Steam Deck than Nintendo Switch OLED, says study

A recent study by the e-commerce aggregator iPrice Group has shown that Asians, including Filipinos, are more excited about Valve’s Steam Deck than the Nintendo Switch OLED.

According to their study, across the 10 Asian countries observed, Steam Deck has nearly 3x Nintendo Switch OLED’s Google search interests within July 2021. Even in Japan, the hometown of the Switch, the Steam Deck search is almost 8x more than Nintendo Switch OLED’s.

In the Philippines, there is a 67-33 ratio (67% being more interested in Steam Deck). The country’s interest for Valve’s first handheld console is more than 2x as much as Nintendo Switch OLED’s. Filipinos look up Steam Deck more than 2x as much as Nintendo Switch OLED, with about 62.1k searches for the former and 30.8k searches for the latter.

iPrice said that there are many possible reasons as to why many are more interested in the Steam Deck, but one of them is the amount of cross-play games Steam is known to have.

“Cross-console games may be a big deciding factor for gamers, especially if they are looking for more friends to play with online. And iPrice recorded Steam to have the most number of cross-play games across all platforms. It has 111 more cross-play games than Nintendo Switch does. In fact, out of all gaming devices recorded, Steam has the most cross-play games, recording a total of 172,” said iPrice.

PlayStation 4 records to have the second most cross-play games with 147 games, followed by Xbox One with 109 games.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X have the least cross-play games with 28 and 33 games respectively. However, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X were just released recently, so it can mean that more games are still being developed for these consoles.

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