Xbox and Microsoft to launch game development workshop

Microsoft, in partnership with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, will hold a workshop, namely, Xbox Academy. The said workshop is comprised of series of sessions, tackling on how to create games for Xbox and PC platforms.

Xbox Academy will be offering three courses. They are as follows:

  • Game Development – This course consists of teaching the students the general knowledge of designing games. It will also teach them on how to make a game and run it on Xbox One console. Aside from that, students can also use Visual Studio to deploy their games into the Xbox One and play it.
  • Game Programming – This course consists of how to build an adventure and cross-platform games with the use of Unity’s Game Engine. It will also tackle the different objects and properties in the game that will be built by the students.
  • Game Design – This course consists of how to conceptualize the game itself by using Adobe Photoshop which will be drawn directly to the Surface Pro 4. Experienced game designers will then check the outputs made by the students and evaluate them one by one.

People can also use the free development mode activation kit on their Xbox One consoles. Students ages 14 and above can partake in the workshop and have the choice to carry it over to full-time courses if they want to pursue game designing as their potential career. The workshop will start on the following Microsoft flagship stores:

  • August 20 to September 3 in New York (click here to register)
  • Sept. 25 to Oct. 1 in Sydney (click here to register)

Source: Xbox News

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