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Vivo has a new premium mid-range offering in the market, the V11. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE octa-core CPU, an Adreno 512 GPU, and 6GB RAM. If you’re wondering how this device performs in certain games, here’s your answer.

Vivo V11 Rev 13

For the purposes of testing, we’re gonna be using an app called GameBench for Android. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a tool that measures frame rates, battery temperature, and CPU/GPU utilization. All this data allows us to evaluate a device’s gaming performance.

[appbox googleplay com.gamebench.metricscollector&hl=en]

For the Vivo V11, we played five different games for an average of 15 minutes each: Rules Of Survival, PUBG Mobile, Tekken 7, Asphalt 9, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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First up is Rules Of Survival. Graphics are set to Excellent with High FPS Mode activated.

Vivo V11 Ros 1

We got 45 FPS (average) which is not bad for a mid-range device. However, the stability is only 47% with a variability index of +-2.98 FPS, which means frequent frame drops are experienced. We can actually see this in the erratic graph shown below.

Vivo V11 Ros 2

When it comes to battery temperature, we’re getting a relatively cool 39°C.

Next is PUBG Mobile with graphics set to HD + High Frame Rate + Realistic Style.

Vivo V11 Pubg 1


For this game, we’re getting a decent 30 FPS. It’s lower compared to Rules Of Survival but it has a 98% FPS Stability with a variability index of +-0.68 FPS, meaning we’re getting consistent frame rates during gamely as evident in the more linear graph below.

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Vivo V11 Pubg 2

As for battery temperature, we’re getting a read of 40°C.

Next up is Tekken 7.

Vivo V11 Tekken 7 1

For this game, we’re getting a smoother 52 FPS and 62% FPS Stability with a variability index of +- 3.59 FPS. These are still good numbers despite the high-quality graphics, as we’re almost reaching the sweet spot of 60FPS.

Vivo V11 Tekken 7 2

For the battery temperature, we’re getting a read of 38°C.

Next, we have Asphalt 9 with visual settings set to High Quality.

Vivo V11 Asphalt 9 1

We’re getting 29 FPS with 86% stability with a variability index of +-2.94 FPS. This is about at the minimum “playable” threshold of 30FPS, where gameplay is marginally smooth. The great thing about this test though, is that we aren’t experiencing a lot of frame drops.

Vivo V11 Asphalt 9 2

For the battery temperature, we’re getting a cooler 35°C.

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Last but not the least is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with graphics set to High and all effects activated.

Vivo V11 Mobile Legends 1

We’re getting 30 FPS and a solid 96% stability with a variability index of +-1.31 FPS. Same as Asphalt 9, the frame rate is just about playable, and we don’t really experience much frame drops if any.

Vivo V11 Mobile Legends 2

As for the battery temperature, we’re getting a max read of 36°C.

Here’s a table of the results:

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Looking at numbers, we can say that the Vivo V11 can certainly game and can deliver big Android titles at decent frame rates and relatively cool temperatures.

To see the Vivo V11 in gaming action, you can watch our video below:

You can read our review of the Vivo V11 here.

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3 years ago

hi Madam, maybe you could also subject the huawei nova 3i to a gaming test

thank you

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