Razer Go is the location-based chat app for Pokemon Go

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Razer, the popular gaming peripherals company, launched a location-based app that lets Pokemon Go players chat with each other in their respective vicinities.


Niantic and Nintendo didn’t make a way for Pokemon Go players to communicate with each other while catching Pokemons. This is where Razer comes in with their app that offers the following features as listed down on their page:

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Location-based chat:

Find and team up with nearby players, or give a shout out to the region and the world on that new rare Pokémon that you’ve just caught with a distance-slider.

Team-based chat:

Coordinating a gym conquest? Toggle from public to team to individual whispers and communicate with absolute ease.

100% chat uptime, reliable and stable:

Built on our robust Razer chat infrastructure, RazerGo is designed to ensure that your journey to be a Pokémon master goes smoothly with minimal disruptions.

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The app began as a sort of side project but quickly gained attention and ended being at the top of the App Store. It became an essential tool for Pokemon Go fans so the company is now building on the platform  with “a whole lot of new features planned” according to Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang.

It is available both in the App Store and Play Store for free so head on there now if you want to communicate with other players in your area.

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