FreeSync support added to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S

Microsoft and AMD have partnered up to bring the well-known graphics card manufacturer’s FreeSync technology to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Users will now be able to enjoy fluid gameplay on monitors that support the said technology.

Just a little refresher on FreeSync, the technology synchronizes the refresh rate of your display to the framerate of your Radeon graphics card or chip. This is done to eliminate visual artifacts, screen tearing, input lag, and stuttering. The end result is smoother gameplay and visuals. The counterpart to this on Nvidia’s side is G-Sync technology, which pretty much does the same thing except for Nvidia cards and G-sync supported displays.

Apart from the normal FreeSync support, AMD and Microsoft are also adding in FreeSync 2 compatibility, which introduces the tech to HDR gaming. Players can enable FreeSync on their Xbox One X and Xbox One S via the console’s menu as long as it’s connected to FreeSync supported displays.

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