Persona 4 Golden now available on Steam

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Persona 4 Golden, the remastered version of Persona 4 from the PlayStation Vita, is now available on Steam. It is the first game from the Persona series to be playable in PCs.

Persona 4 Golden

Developed by ATLUS and published by SEGA, the RPG game follows a group of teens that investigates a series of murders in a quiet rural town Inaba. Key features in the game include new characters, dungeons, various framerates mode, graphic options, Steam achievements, trading cards, and Japanese or English voice-overs. According to its Steam page, it is best when played with a game controller.

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The Persona 4 Golden Digital Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack of the game.


The standard Persona 4 Golden costs PHP 799 while the Digital Deluxe Edition is for sale at PHP 998.85.

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