New Blood Championships launched in the Philippines

Hong Kong-based Purpose Win Entertainment Limited (PWEL) and Malaysian Esports company Fallout Gaming (FG) announces the New Bloods Championships, a new DOTA2 Tournament made for amateurs with a chance to compete at an international level.

The New Blood Championship tournament is divided into three stages: an Online Country Qualifiers (happening in August to September) wherein the top sixteen countries from the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam will be chosen; then an On-ground Country Finals where the top 16 teams will battle it out to make it to the top. The New Blood Championships Main Event in Jakarta will serve as the culminating event, where the top teams from each country, a wildcard from SouthEast Asia, and two from GamePlan’s own Esports tournament will vie for the top card to be declared the winner.

High Grounds Café owner Eric Redulfin believes that this event will catapult the local gaming scene with more teams to discover.  “It is time to discover new stars and rising talent and with the launch of the New Bloods Championships that opportunity now presents itself. It is a place where new local talents are born and communities can finally get behind their country’s team.”

A total prize pool of USD 40,000.00 (around Php2.05M) and main event slots to the second season of the Galaxy Battles premier league (hosted in Manila this early 2018) will serve as the ultimate prize for winners of this tournament. For teams interested, registration will start tomorrow, July 31. More details can be found on their Facebook page.

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