Mobile Legends Philippine leg finals (Southeast Asia cup) briefing held earlier

Globe, in partnership with Moonton, holds the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup Philippine Finals.

128 teams battled it out to be the best, and now, only 4 teams remain.

Earlier, a briefing was held for the remaining top 4 teams who will compete for tomorrow’s finals. The management discussed the rules and regulations for the upcoming finals. Here are some key rules and regulations to be followed by the participating teams:

– Players must obey Mobile Legends User Agreement.
– All players should be officially registered for the team they are representing.
– Players must use the devices provided by the Organizers unless the players accept the risks and responsibilities of not using a tournament-certified device and that Iall applications must be turned off.
– Strictly no cheating of any forms.
– Being late for 15 minutes means default loss for the match.
– No betting allowed.
– Insulting opponents, administration means an automatic loss.
– Spectators are not allowed in the lobby. Only official casters and referees are allowed to be in game lobby.

The cash prizes for the winners will be as of follows:

* Champion = Php 126,000
* 1st runner up = Php 50,000
* 2nd runner up = Php 25,000
* 3rd runner up = Php 25,000

Also, the top 2 teams will be the representative of the Philippines for the Southeast Asia Cup wherein they will battle against other neighboring countries’ representative teams.

Here are the teams that will compete for tomorrow’s finals:

Team Salty Salad

Team XPG

Team Solid Gaming Alpha

Team Solid Gaming Omega

The finals will be held at Glorietta Activity Center tomorrow (July 29, 2017) and will be open to the public and will be free of charge.

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  1. Avatar for mehmet mehmet says:

    Hello ! i am from turkey . Why are you money high now game in 1 dolar is 6.99 tl but not now 6.99 life . pls money edit 1dolar 4.49tl ok or game delete

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