5 Best Survival Games on Game Pass PC

We’re back with another Game Pass list! With the best RPGs, platformers, and FPS games already listed, here are the Best 5 Survival Games on Game Pass PC




1. State of Decay 2

Set after a zombie apocalypse, State of the Decay 2 tasks you and your friends to rebuild a community, defend yourselves from the zombie uprising. Aside from building camps, crafting, and setting up defenses, you also have the option of recruiting more people to your community. Each person you recruit has a special set of abilities, and assigning them to their most optimized task, will definitely help your survival chances.

With no story to follow, State of Decay 2 is purely a sandbox game that allows you to let your creativeness run free. Every community or camp created is never the same, asthe people you recruit could also cause problems within that community, giving you a little taste of a managment simulator. So between rebuilding civilization, and zombies always knocking at the door, this game definitely makes tests your skill.


2. Subnautica Below Zero

Explore a deep, vast ocean in this open-world survival game. Create an underwater base, as you scavenge the ocean for materials in order to survive, craft items, build vehicles, and improve your base. Some may say it’s underwater Minecraft, and that comparison isn’t too far off. Discover different biomes and other areas as you discover new animals that could also provide you new materials.

Subnautica Below Zero also provides players with a story to follow. Returning to Planet 4546B, you discover abandoned research stations, logs, items, and databanks scattered all throughout the planet, all abandoned after a mysterious incident. With all this information to decipher, it’s up to you to find out what truly happened on the planet.


3. The Forest

After the plane you’re on crashes, you’re tasked to look for your son, Timmy, as he was lost during the crash. There is a catch however, the set of islands you’re stranded in are infested with cannibals and mutants. With numerous interconnected caves to explore, it’s up to you to explore them, look for clues about your son, all while trying to survive. Your best bet is to build as many camps and bases as you can, as you explore the huge open-world map, setting landmarks as you travel, and making sure that each important area isn’t forgotten.

The survival aspect of the game is something we’ve seen before. Chopping down trees to gather wood, hunting animals for their skins as well as food, and so on. But it’s ever-lingering feeling of being watched is what keeps you on your toes. There were many times where my friends and I were too focused setting up camp, and all of a sudden we get attacked by cannibals. Expect chaos and lots of panic in this game, especially with friends.


4. Frostpunk

A mash up of survival and management game, Frostpunk takes the two game genres and turns into such a unique game. Manage a civilization near the brink of death and extinction, as you manage your people’s jobs, assignments, and duties all while trying to keep them alive in a freezing desert. If you’re unable to satisy the needs of your people, there will be a chance that they rebel and oust you as their leader, thus failing the game.

The game provides us with different storylines and terrain that vary in difficulty, throwing different situations at you to test your survival and management skills. However, if you’re looking to just survive as long as you can, with no story, the game provides that as well.


5. 7 Days to Die

Probably the most well-known survival game on this list, 7 Days to Die provides players with countless possibilities to survival. Explore rich and unique environments with 5 biomes available to explore. Craft weapons, armor, and even vehicles to be able to openly explore the open-world. Interact with NPCs that could offer you items to purchase, or do quests in order to receive those items.

With all those features at your disposal, 7 Days is also a multiplayer game, allowing you to either team up with other players, or ransack their camp and take their resources all for yourself. But just like State of Decay, you better watch your back, as zombies are also lurking around the open area.

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