Verdun, Defense Grid: The Awakening free for a limited time at Epic Games Store

Verdun and Defense Grid: The Awakening are this week’s free game at the Epic Games Store.

Developed by M2H & Blackmill Games, Verdun is a first-person shooter displaced on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918, taking place in one of the bloodiest conflicts in world history—inspired by the Battle of Verdun in 1916. Verdun is the first multiplayer FPS set in World War One setting and is a game that started the WW1 Game series. Check out its trailer below.

Next up is Defense Grid: The Awakening. Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, Players must defend military bases from 15 types of aliens, each with unique capabilities and strategies. Positioning a plethora of tower-based weaponry, to aid yourself for victory. The story is based on an alien invasion of a planet that has dormant defense greed. Check out the trailer below.

Both Verdun and Defense Grid: The Awakening are now free until July 29, at 11 PM, at the Epic Games Store. To claim and download the game, simply log on to your account and click on the ‘Get’ button.

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