Torchlight III coming to Steam this Summer

Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. is launching Torchlight III on Steam this summer and will start closed alpha testing on January 29.

When the full game is released in summer, players can play both online and offline, with access to all playable content. It features the same linear world structure as the first two installments of the Torchlight franchise, with the same mechanics and gameplay that fans love. After selecting a unique character, players will also choose a pet to accompany them, which includes a fluffy alpaca, a swift owl, or a loyal canine retriever.

The full game will feature:

  • Players will be able to explore the world, party with friends, gather materials to craft, use magical maps to enter dungeons, and show off in public towns.
  • Players can have their account-based fort where they can upgrade gear, build monuments, pet stables, and more!
  • Players can craft and level up their own relic that provides them active and passive skills.

  • Collect epic gear through drops, maps from the Mapworks, or take contracts to earn Fame and unlock them.
  • Train pets, equip them with gear and add skills to make them even stronger.
  • Choose from four classes with unique abilities! So far, three classes have been revealed:
    • The Dusk Mage who harnesses both light and dark energy,
    • The Forged who is a robot with a wide variety of weapons, and builds up heat to unleash explosive assaults,
    • and the Railmaster who is a locomotive savvy powerhouse who wields a hammer and battle train

If you’re interested, you can now add the game to your wishlist on Steam here. You can watch the official trailer below:

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