Street Fighter IV Champion Edition for iOS on sale for Php99

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If you’re looking for a good game for your iOS device for a budget of Php100, then you might want to check out Street Fighter IV Champion Edition.

Street Fighter IV CE was originally priced at $4.99 but is now down to $1.99 or Php99 on the PH App Store as part of Capcom’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale.

Street Fighter Iv Ce

The game has the following features:
• Fight as 31 Street Fighter characters
• Higher resolution graphics and widescreen support
• Intuitive virtual pad controls allow players to execute full move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, Focus Attacks, Super Combos and Ultra Combos
• Take your game to the next level with a MFi controller like the Gamevice
• Battle head-to-head against players from around the world via Wi-Fi
• Single player “arcade” and multiplayer modes
• Unleash super moves with a tap of the “SP” button
• Four levels of difficulty

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You can purchase Street Fighter IV CE at the Apple App Store.

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