Steam rolls out new chat features

Looks like Steam doesn’t what your friend list clunky and cluttered as they release new features to their chatting system. It brings in better organization and juicier friend details.

The entire chat system received a UI overhaul. Basically Steam added in more organization options such as grouping your friends by game and even by party. The party feature groups your friends together when playing, which gives you the opportunity to dive right into the game with them or join when they’re done with a match.

Steam also added more information about what your friend is doing. Unlike before, when you can only see what game your mate is playing, Steam added in what they are currently doing in-game. Want to know if your friend is in a match or just sifting through the menu? Now you can.

We now have a favorites tab to keep track of your most important pals and groups. Speaking of groups, you now have the option of creating permanent group chats instead of continously inviting your friends to a new chat window. Creating sub-channels, adding a group icon, and uploading an avatar to your chats is now possible too, adding in a bit more organization.

Lastly, voice chat is a little bit more dynamic. You can now see friends who are currently in a voice channel and instantly join in.

All these features are now also available for Steam on browser. For more information on the changes head on over to this link here.

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