Sega announces the Genesis Mini

It’s Sega‘s turn to release a classic version of their retro console — this time, it’s the Genesis that’s getting the mini approach.

This was announced at the company’s SegaFes which also marks the 30th anniversary since they released the console back in 1988. No features nor game titles have been revealed as of this writing, but it’s clear that Sega will distribute the AtGames-made Mega Drive Flashback with different emulation and features. This is quite a surprise since the company exited the hardware game in 2001 over the Dreamcast failure while their COO had repeatedly expressed on getting back in the console business give the sudden rise in popularity of rival Nintendo’s retro consoles.

The Sega Genesis Mini will launch in Japan first this year, with other countries to follow suit. Different versions will be produced as the JP model will have no cartridge slots while the rest of the world will have units bearing that feature.

Via Polygon

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