Sea of Thieves, Borderlands crossover event now live

Sea of Thieves ‘Making Mayhem’ event has gone live and features crossover elements with Borderlands the game.

Sea of Thieves provides players the top-down pirate experience, with sailing, exploration, fighting, riddle solving and treasure hunting—perfect to live the pirate life. With no set roles, players have the complete freedom to approach the world in whatever way they deem fit. Check out the trailer below.

The Making Mayhem event will run from August 24 to September 7 and will involve two categories of challenges which award ‘Favour’ that can be redeemed with Larinna for the ship set. Minor Mayhem challenges are simpler tasks that award small amounts of ‘Favour’.

Sea of Thieves is priced at USD 39.99 and is available on Xbox and PC.

Source: Sea of Thieves

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