Overwatch launches Archives 2020 event

Overwatch’s Archives 2020 event is now live, starting March 13 to April 3!

The Archives 2020 event is live for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, with new weekly missions that add a new twist to the game! Challenge missions include:

  • Week 1 – Two Uprising Missions
    • Molten Cores – Enemies drop lava on death.
    • Glass Cannon – Players have 50% health and more damage.
  • Week 2 – Two Retribution Missions
    • Surgical Strike – Only critical hits deal damage.
    • Close Quarters – Enemies can only be damaged when players are nearby.
  • Week 3 – Two Storm Rising Missions
    • Blood Moon Rising – No support heroes are allowed and have reduced healing. Players can heal themselves by dealing damage.
    • Storm Raging – Some enemies are enraged, and killing them will spread the rage to other enemies.

There will also be weekly challenges that allow players to unlock limited-time rewards if they win nine games. Rewards include:

  • Week 1 – Holy Symmetra (Epic)
  • Week 2- Rustclad Torbjorn (Epic)
  • Week 3 – Bear Mei (Epic)

There will also be new cosmetics launching during the event, including five legendary skins, three epic skins, and new player icons, emotes, and sprays.

Watch the Archives 2020 launch video below:

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