Nintendo Switch Lite console in Coral Pink now available in the Philippines, priced

DataBlitz has just announced that the Nintendo Switch Lite console in Coral Pink is now available in their e-commerce store!

A toned-down version of the Switch, the Switch Lite comes with a 5.5-inch touch screen and is lighter and more compact than the Switch. It supports local wireless or online play and has fixed controllers.

The Nintendo Switch Lite Console Coral Pink Bundle is priced at PHP 12,495 and includes:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite in Coral Pink
  • NSW Carrying Case & Screen Protector (White)
  • Hori Protective Film (NS2-003)
  • Thumbstick Grips (TNS-1873)

Interested customers may place their orders in DataBlitz’s E-Commerce store.

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  1. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Well that went out of stock fast.

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