Meet the Ultra Game Boy, Hyperkin’s revival of an old beloved handheld

It seems CES 2018 wasn’t just an avenue for new hardware as Hyperkin, a well-known retro game console developer, announced their prototype revival of a classic handheld console — The Game Boy. This isn’t just a mere revival though, as Hyperkin also beefed up the frame and body of the device and aptly named it the Ultra Game Boy.

The Ultra Game Boy takes its design cues from the Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo’s shrunk down version of the original Game Boy, only this time it’s encased in full aluminum and features a front-lit screen. Much of the previous generation pocket’s button layout was carried over to the device except for the volume and power buttons which are positioned based on the original Game Boy’s format. The prototype on display uses a blue tint screen but according to the company, they’ll be adding an RGB wheel to the final model screen to change its color.

Apart from the sturdier externals, Hyperkin also added a modern touch to the device’s internals as the final model will feature a USB Type-C charge port and stereo audio. Users can also appreciate the fact that the Ultra Game Boy can run games using original cartridges and that it has a link cable port to maintain multiplayer functionality.

Pricing and availability of the device are yet to be announced but the company is projecting an end of 2018 launch.

source: Hyperkin, Gamespot

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