Harry Potter-based AR game to be released in 2018

Harry Potter Fans will be delighted with this news: Portkey Games, Warner Brothers, and Niantic are set to launch a new Augmented Reality (AR) game based on the popular serial book and movie franchise.

Aptly called Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the game will resemble that of Pokemon Go as you roam around your neighborhood to unlock and learn spells, unearth important artifacts, and battle it out with legendary beasts and key characters along the way. Niantic is no stranger to location-based games as the developer already have two successful ones under its helm — widely-acclaimed Ingress and the recently-debuted Pokemon Go.

No date has been set as of this writing with its release except for the fact that it will arrive on mobile devices next year. You may sign up here to get updates.

Source: WB / Niantic

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