Gaming mousepad vs regular mousepad: What’s different?

Gaming mousepads aren’t new. There are tons of products to choose from brands like Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, and Zowie. However, these gaming mousepads are usually more expensive than your regular mousepad and more costly. Today we take a look at what these gaming mousepads have to offer that regular mousepads do not.

Surface Compatibility

SteelSeries QCK

Mouse sensors are simply cameras that track displacement over a surface. Some surfaces make it hard for mice to track movement. Bumpy surfaces could cause skipping, while glass surfaces are difficult for optical mice to track on. While regular mousepads are often safe because they’re made of cloth, small details such as excess of paint could cause a malfunction.


SteelSeries DexGaming mousepads typically have a uniformly woven surface for consistency. Uneven surfaces could cause you to over or undershoot your cursor and miss. Having uniform glide from one end of the mousepad to the other is recommended to help gamers with muscle memory.


Zowie GSR

The higher price tag means that the materials used for the surface, base, and glue are better. Some gaming mousepads have stitched edges to prevent the fabric from fraying. Most office mousepads that glue the fabric surface to the rubber base typically fray quicker hence need to be replaced more often.


HyperX Fury S

Most regular mousepads only come in small sizes. While it might be good enough for windows and typical day-to-day use, having to lift your mouse often, or doing a broad swipe only to run out of mousepad space would result in death when playing games. Gaming mousepads come in different sizes from small, to XXXL which span your entire desk.



Gaming mousepads are typically offered at varying speeds in regards to static and dynamic friction. Some provide higher speed, while others provide better control. There are lots of different surfaces like cloth, plastic, and Cordura to help suit your preference. If you want to see in-depth mousepad comparisons, we suggest looking at Bearded Bob’s channel, or r/mousepadreview ‘s comparison chart.


Zowie G-SR-SE Divina

Since PC builders and gamers care about the aesthetic of their battle stations, choosing a mousepad that fits the color scheme of your build could elevate the looks of your set up. Some companies offer black, white, blue, pink, red, and other designs that could fit your personal space.


With all of that considered, is it worth it to pay a premium for gaming mouse pads over regular mousepads? If you already have a proper mousepad that you like, should you upgrade into a gaming mousepad? If you already have a mousepad that you play well on, then you don’t need to change. If you’re hitting the headshots, landing skill shots, or last hits required to secure the win, changing your pad would only result in you having to retrain your aim. However, if you’re still using a small and old office mousepad, having tracking issues with your current pad, or maybe want something that looks better than what you have now, then perhaps its time to consider investing in a gaming mousepad.



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