Fortnite to support NVIDIA RTX, DLSS 2.0, and Reflex

Epic Games will add NVIDIA enhancing graphics technologies such as RTX, DLSS 2.0, and Reflex to the game Fortnite for better gameplay experience.

According to Matt Wuebbling, the vice president of Global GeForce Marketing at NVIDIA, Fortnite players are about to experience better visuals with the company’s ray-tracing technology, AI-accelerated frame rates powered, and low latency across all Fortnite modes. It will also be available on the new Creative mode map called RTX Treasure Run that highlights the company’s ray tracing technology. The mentioned map will drop players at the entrance to a museum, challenging them into a scavenger hunt that highlights different ray-traced effects.

Fortnite was also featured on the GeForce special event along with the launch of the new GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU.

The game will add four ray-traced features including ray-traced light reflections, shadows, illumination, and ambient occlusion for a more immersive experience. Moreover, Fortnite players will be able to upscale its output resolution up to 4K through the NVIDIA DLSS 2.0.

Lastly, the NVIDIA Reflex will reduce system latency up to 42 percent to improve responsiveness, aiming precision, and player controls during battles.

The mentioned features will be available on Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 for PC players.

Source: NVIDIA

This report is written by Gracey Maala

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