Discord now allows you to connect your PSN account

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PlayStation is gradually rolling out the ability to link a users’ PSN account from Discord and display your Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 game activity in users’ game profile.

Ps X Disc 1

This allows users to show what game they’re playing to others just like users can on the PC. Users can also opt to display their PlayStation Network online ID on their profile so their Discord friends can add and join them in game.

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In order to connect your Discord account to your PlayStation Network account, users will just open Discord and head into User Setting then connections on either their desktop or on a browser. On mobile, go to User Settings and then Connections. On this page users will see a newly-added PlayStation icon.

Ps X Disc 2

From there, a browser window to authorize from your PlayStation account will pop up. Users can use that to sign in to their accounts.

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Once connected, two new options will appear for users PlayStation Network account, Display on Profile and Display PlayStation Network as your status. After this, the game you are playing will now be displayed on their user profiles for everyone to see.

The ability to connect a Discord account with their PlayStation Network account is rolling out starting today and will be available on every platform Discord is available, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web app.

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