Check out these Sneki Snek merch for Razer fans

In celebration of World Snake Day and reaching their 400K milestone, Razer has released the latest Sneki Snek themed merchandise.

Sneki Snek is the official Razer mascot, and the saver of trees—literally. Razer notes that every Sneki Snek merch sold would save 10 trees. This is in line with the Razer’s program to help preserve nature and protect the environment that was announced last March 2021.

So far, the merch released is the Sneki Snek plushie, head pillow, eye mask, floor rug, and its most recent slippers—flipping adorable. However, there are six more products to be released, with the final one requiring one million trees to be saved.

Check out the prices of Razer’s Sneki Snek here:

• Sneki Snek Plushie – USD 29.99
• Sneki Snek Head Pillow – USD 29.99
• Sneki Snek Eye Mask – USD 29.99
• Sneki Snek Floor Rug – USD 79.99
• Sneki Snek Slippers – USD 49.99

Razer Sneki Snek merchandise is available to order on their official Razer website. For more information on Razer’s Green Investment initiative click here.

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