Call Of Duty: Mobile now available on Android and iOS

Activision’s new Call of Duty: Mobile is now out in the Philippines for Android and iOS! From load-outs, perks, killstreak achievements, weapon attachments, and even clans, CoD: Mobile definitely brought a lot of what made Call of Duty one of the best FPS games to mobile.

As of the moment, there are 9 maps available to play on as well as 6 game modes including Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, AI practice, as well as a battle royale mode when you reach level 7.

The usual battle pass system is in place as well as gun upgrades, however from my very limited time playing it does not feel like the game is pay-to-win.

Garena partnered with Activision and Tencent to release Call of Duty: Mobile to South East Asia so don’t worry if you don’t see Activision as the developer.

Watch the reveal trailer here:

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