Blizzard introduces Overwatch Workshop simplified game scripting system

Blizzard has introduced a new feature in Overwatch called the Workshop that allows players to create scripts to implement rules in the game’s existing game modes.

The Workshop is basically a simplified game scripting system which allows players to edit and customize the existing game modes’ rule and play conditions. They can change the mechanics on how each hero can move, use their ability, damage or heal amount, and even display texts on certain circumstances.

To access Workshop click the following:

  • Play
  • Game Browser
  • Create
  • Settings
  • Workshop

To create a script you must do the following:

  • Add a Rule
  • Select an Event
  • Add a Condition (Optional)
  • Add an Action

You can debug your script by accessing the Workshop Inspector

  • Begin a game with the Script you created
  • Press Escape (Esc)
  • Press Open Script Debugger
  • Press Enable (this feature is not enabled by default)

To know more about creating scripts in the Workshop, visit Blizzards’ Overwatch website here.

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