Blizzard Entertainment announces date for BlizzConline

Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced the date for its online version of its annual convention, the BlizzConline.

With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, Blizzard has decided to move its yearly BlizzCon and turn it into an online show early next year. As planning is still taking place, further details of the event are yet to be announced but there are contests where fans may participate in.

A community showcase will be taking place and fans are given the opportunity to show and put their talent on display through various activities. This includes the Cosplay Exhibition, Cosplay Contest, Art Contest, Digital Storytelling Contest, Talent Spotlight, and March of the Murlocs with the entry deadline on January 4, 2021, for all competitions and exhibitions.

The BlizzConline is set to take place on February 19-20, 2021.

Details and mechanics can be found on BlizzCon’s website.

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