ASUS ROG Citadel XV now available

ASUS has officially unveiled its first self-made virtual experience, the ROG Citadel XV, during the CES 2021.

The Citadel XV is a passion project for ROG designers, artists, and engineers. The ASUS Design Center (ADC) has partnered with Moonshine Studio to develop an ambitious virtual experience. This interactive experience includes stories from the ROG visual universe, a gallery tour of the latest ROG devices, and an FPS-style minigame.

The ROG Citadel XV was developed by Unity, which is identified as one of the most popular game engines. It features the Republic’s virtual world, wherein heroes are the G.A.M.E.Rs who must rise to defeat oppression forces. The citadel is considered their base, where all their weaponry and new technology is developed. Through this, players may explore a rebel armory filled with next-gen ROG gear, uncover secret surprises, and test their shooting skills.

Check out the trailer below.

According to ASUS, the ROG Citadel XV has been an opportunity to get to know game development first-hand. The company has also recognized that this has given them a deeper appreciation for developers and gamers’ needs.

The ROG Citadel XV is now available for download on Steam. Those who have ROG devices, such as DIY PC components, laptops, or peripheral, may enjoy the game with built-in interactive AURA Ready lighting for an immersive gaming experience. However, it is required to install the ROG control center “Armoury Crate” to enable in-game lighting.

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