5 Mobile Rhythm Games You Should Try Today

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With the rise of mobile rhythm games over the years, we know that there are a lot to choose from. Gone are the days when the OG Tap Tap was the only one we enjoyed playing in our phones. So if you’re out there looking for games to jam out with while playing or maybe just to really kill time, then you may want to check out these five games we listed for you!

Rhythm Games Yugaaaa

Caution: They’re pretty addicting. 

1. Love Live!

Love Live

Well, who on earth isn’t familiar with the Love Live! anime series?! If you aren’t, then what are you waiting for? The game features the series’ group Aqours and Muse. Players have the freedom to pick and create their teams from Aqour and Muse, as well as many more original members. There will be over 80 original songs to choose from, and players can also unlock the side stories of each member as they play along.

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Price: FREE

Download: Android | iOS

2. Cytus II

Cytus Ii

Cytus II is a sequel to Rayark Games’ famous rhythm game, Cytus. The game follows the story of a mysterious DJ legend Æsir who charms people with his music, and it has been said that “every note and beat of his music hits the audiences in the depths of their souls.” Hmm, we’re about to find that one out. Cytus II includes over 300 charts, a total of 100+ high-quality songs (35+ in base game, 70+ as IAP), and a unique “Active Judgement Line” rhythm game playstyle feature.

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Price: PHP99 (Android), $1.99 (iOS)

Download: Android | iOS

3. Lost in Harmony

Lost In Harmony

Lost in Harmony is a rhythm game that comes with two stories: to help M.I.R.A.I.’s escape his destiny and to help Kaito save Aya on a journey. It features 10,000+ levels to play that are made by other gamers of the same game, and players could also create their own standards!

Price: FREE

Download: Android | iOS

4. Arcaea


If you’re up for some rhythm games that have a pretty broody story, then try Arcaea. This game follows the story of two young girls who wander in a broken world filled with remnants of the Arcaea. Players have access to over 90 songs from more than 50 artists!

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Price: FREE

Download: Android | iOS

5. Deemo


From the same fellas who created Cytus, Deemo is also a rhythm game that follows the story of a mysterious character named, well, Demo, and his journey to help this little that fell from the sky to go back to her world. This game contains 60+ free songs in story mode and players would be able to unlock more tracks as the game progresses.

Price: FREE

Download: Android | iOS

And there you have it! Have you tried any of these games yet? And if you haven’t, which of these are you willing to try? Share your thoughts with us!



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