Steam adds new gaming channels for News Hub

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Steam Labs News Hub rolls out the initial gaming news channels on the public testing of News Hub.

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Through the Steam News Hub, players may browse new and growing collection of participating gaming and technology news sources, as well as preferred sources to appear on the user’s Steam News Hub.  It can be personalized so players may find updates, announcements, and events for the games they play or following.

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More Gaming News Choices

The new update provides a broader selection of news available as well as adding its to one’s personalized News Hub as they like. The news sources are integrated into the News Hub via the Steam Curator system.

Fine Grained Control

Available for free, it now gives access to more gaming news choices and better monitoring of updates and announcements directly from the developers. This includes briefs, articles, videos, and more. This delivers different kinds of news and content the users can quickly scan in one place.

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Discover News Source

Giving a personalized view of gaming news, the Steam News Hub lets gamers choose what kind of content to see and what to ignore. They may ignore individual news sources within their feed by going to the little menu below a post by a certain source and selecting mute. They may also unfollow the source to completely erase its presence on their feed.  They may also hide all posts from external news sources by clicking Options & Filters and unchecking the Curators You Follow box.

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The Steam News Hub is currently available for public testing.

Source: Steam Labs

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