Razer Project Brooklyn Concept Gaming Chair now official

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Razer has recently introduced its concept gaming chair, Project Brooklyn, for the CES 2021.

Razer Project Brooklyn

The Project Brooklyn concept gaming chair has a flexible design that allows users to use it either as an ergonomic gaming chair or an immersive entertainment dome throne for PC and consoles. It is made with carbon fiber and Chroma RGB lighting, 4D armrests, built-in tactile feedback,  and a 60-inch rollout display. The seat itself transforms into a cockpit gaming station paired with mounting hardware.

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Razer Project Brooklyn 1

According to Razer, the latest concept gaming chair is inspired by the Razer Iskur, the brand’s first gaming chair released in October 2020. Project Brooklyn brings in some functions that gamers would like and enjoy, such as display connectivity to the chair, high-density foam cushions for extended comfort, leather-stitched seat back with carbon fiber body for maintaining proper posture, adjustable platform, and cable management. The chair’s backbone is the frame where users can activate the rollable 60-inch curved OLED display.

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Razer Project Brooklyn 2

When extended, the 4D armrests reveals a collapsible table where gamers can place their keyboard, mouse pad, and mouse. There are separate panels in each armrest that folds away when not in use, allowing for different keyboard and mouse ergonomics.

The concept gaming chair is equipped with a Razer HyperSense built around the chair’s framework to make more immersive high-fidelity modules deliver sensitive vibration during gameplay. This includes jumping into water or landing on a platform.

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At the side of the seat cushion is the Razer Chroma lighting, customized through dedicated software. Its lighting can be synchronized with over 150 integrated game titles.

Source: Razer

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