Razer outs RESPAWN by 5 chewing gum for gamers

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Razer partners with 5Gum to launch its newest product for gamers, the RESPAWN by 5 chewing gum.Razer Respawn By 5 Chewing Gum

Different from an ordinary chewing gum, the RESPAWN by 5  is a mental performance booster that contains tea extract, Vitamin B, and flavors of 5 Gum to keep gamers sharp while gaming. A pack of RESPAWN by 5 contains 15 gum strips. Moreover, the gum is sugar-free, with less than 5 calories, and is available in three flavors: Cool Mint, Pomegranate Watermelon, and Tropical Punch.

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Razer Respawn By 5 Chewing Gum 1

RESPAWN By 5 is priced at USD 27.99 which contains 10 boxes of gum, It can be purchased through the Razer official website.

Source: Razer

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