Best Ergonomic Chairs for 2022

Whether you’re working at your own home setup or at the office, the long hours of sitting at a desk can lead you to feel the strain it puts on a body. Therefore, it might be worth investing in a better, more ergonomic office chair. But it would come to no surprise that some chairs may come with a big price tag, so we compiled a list of some of the best ergonomic chairs based on budget.

What to look for when choosing an Ergonomic Chair?

Finding the perfect ergonomic chair can get quite tricky as no chair is perfect for everyone. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to test them out for yourself if you have the chance to before making that purchase. Here are some things that you may want to consider when selecting the best ergonomic office chair for you.


  • The ability to adjust your chair multiple ways is sure to help you find the best sitting position just for you. Most chairs we’ve come to see normally, have only a height adjustment feature. However, nowadays chairs can have plenty of ways to adjust, from being able to adjust the height of the armrests, the seat depth, and even the angle of the backrest tilt. So spend some time thinking about how much adjustment you may need when you’re sitting.


  • It may seem like a small detail, but the material of your chair will also impact the overall experience of sitting. Mesh chairs are the most breathable and overall are more preferable especially if you tend to feel hot throughout the day as mesh helps keep air flowing and helps contour to your body and spread your weight evenly. It is also worth noting the foam, as it should also offer the right amount of padding for cushioning as having insufficient padding can lead to back pain, discomfort, and problems in hip alignment.

Lumbar support

  • Lower back / Lumbar support is one of the key features of what helps make a chair ergonomic. The lumbar spine is naturally curved, and for that reason, sitting for long periods without support for your spins natural curvature can lead to you slouching and straining the lower spine which leads to you feeling pain in your lower back and neck.

Back rest

  • The back rest should be large enough to support your mid and upper back, in addition to lumbar support. The back rest should allow you to lay back with ease and prevent you from slouching. It is recommended to have a back rest that is 12 to 19 inches in width. Furthermore, having a headrest is not necessary, but it has shown to help support your neck and head.


Budget Ergonomic Chairs

Coge Chair

Coge Chair

Kicking it off with the most affordable chair on our list is the Coge Chair. The Coge Chair is made of mesh and comes with basic adjustability on the headreast, seat height, and even armrest. You may even have it optioned with a rocking option. Although it does come with lumbar support, it does not come with any adjustability for it. But just retailing at Php 2,099, I can hardly complain about the Coge Chair as it offers great value for its price. No wonder the Coge Chair is a popular option when looking for a budget ergonomic chair. You may check the Coge Chair through this link.

Ergodynamic – EHC-77P

Ergodynamic Ehc 77p

If budget is a major concern, the Ergodynamic EHC-77P has a lot to offer. With its executive minimalist design, it is equipped with a high back rest and is made of breathable mesh. Although the chair doesn’t offer much adjustability other than height adjustment, the design of the chair’s curvature helps support your spine’s natural curve. The Ergodynamic comes in at Php 2,599 and you may see more about it here.

Qoncept Furniture – Erin

Qoncept Furniture Erin

If you’re looking for a minimalist ergonomic office chair that doesn’t break the bank. Then the Erin by Qoncept Furniture may be your best friend. It is made of nylon mesh to allow airflow to pass and what’s incredible at this price point is that the Erin comes with adjustable back support. The Erin by Qoncept Furniture comes at a price of Php 3,339 and you can learn more about it here.



Although with no official name, this ergonomic chair from HBADA comes at around Php 5,000 and offers a tonne of features for its price. The new design comes with an adjustable headrest that is also removable. On top of it being made with durable nylon and designed to mimic the spine to support your lower back, it comes with both adjustable lumbar support and flip up armrests that can help save space.

Mid-Range Ergonomic Chairs (Php 5,000 – Php 12,000)

Ergohome – Ventus

Ergohome Ventus

The ErgoHome Ventus is a popular choice and for good reason. It offers a practical and complete package for an ergonomic chair without you having to shell out a fortune. It offers both adjustable lumbar support and adjustable armrests. As well, it comes with a tilt lock when reclining. The Ventus is priced at Php 7,500 and you may learn more about it by visiting Ergohome’s page here.

Sihoo – M57

Sihoo M57

Another popular choice, the Sihoo M57 combines both premium design and features at a reasonable price. The Sihoo M57 is overall, one of the most well rounded ergonomic chairs you can get without having to spend a fortune in doing so. One feature that users have noted is the seat rest which is rather large. This comes as a benefit as the front lip of the seat rest comes not just supported by mesh but by cushion found underneath. The Sihoo M57 comes at Php 9,399 and can be found through this link.

Merryfair – Tune

Merryfair Tune

The Merryfair Tune offers superior ergonomics at a great value. It provides precise support and flexibility by having softly padded and adjustable lumbar support. On top of that, it offers sliding seats, pneumatic seat height adjustment, a free tilting backrest, and even a 2 way adjustable armpad. At just Php 11,400, no wonder the Merryfair Tune is their bestseller as it offers pretty much all you need at a reasonable price. You may check Merryfair’s page and their other chairs here.

Premium Ergonomic Chairs (Php 12,001 – Php 20,000)

Furnitura – Ergo Elite

Furnitura Ergo Elite

If you’re in the office, sitting long hours day after day. The Ergo Elite provides not only just professional styling for your office but also provides every feature you can think of. The Ergo Elite by Furnitura offers plentiful ways of adjusting to your preferred position of comfort. It improves on this note by having a leg rest and also floating lumbar support. This floating lumbar support has a pillow design and helps provide superior lower back support whether sitting or reclining. You may visit Furnitura’s page here and find the Ergo Elite for Php 13,500.

Stance – Cradle Pro

Stance Cradle Pro

If what you are looking for is essentially, an ergonomic chair that does it all. The Cradle Pro by Stance may be pretty hard to beat. It has features such as height adjustable lumbar support, a waterfall seat design, and a great recline function. Coming at Php 13,990, the Cradle Pro may just be a great investment if you’re looking for simply, a great ergonomic chair. You may visit learn more about the Cradle Pro and Stance by visiting their site here.

Flexispot – ErgoChair Alpha

Aofeis Ergochair Alpha

If an ergonomic chair with style is on top of your wish list, then the ErgoChair Alpha is one of your best bets. The ErgoChair offers everything we would expect in an ergonomic chair such as seat sliding, adjustable armrests, and even a leg rest. On top of that, the ErgoChair Alpha from Flexispot comes in a multitude of colors from your simple black, to blue, red, pink and yellow green to suit your rooms style. The Ergochair Alpha goes for Php 16,500 and can be found in Flexispot’s website here.

Fursys – T50

Fursys T50

The Fursys T50 offers premium features such as a more advanced tilting angle locker with a 5 step multi limiter that helps you control over your maximum levels of tilting angles depending on your preferred working postures. As well, with its tilting tension adjustment and 3-pivotal down synchronized tilting, the T50 by Fursys promises to give you the freedom of being in sync with your chair. The classic T50 by Fursys comes in at P20,000 and is worth considering when you want to enter into the world of premium ergonomic chairs. You may check more about the T50 and Fursys by visiting this link to their page.

Luxury Ergonomic Chairs (Php 20,001 and above)

Haworth – Fern

Haworth Fern

When it comes to premium ergonomic chairs, Haworth’s Fern is certainly up there. The Fern is engineered for purely edgeless comfort. With every possible feature you can find on only the best ergonomic chairs such as 4D adjustable arm rests, lumbar support, and multi-position back stop. The Wave Suspension system of the Fern is at the core of its comfort and flexibility. With it being able to intuitively move with the user and with each movement made. You may learn more about the Fern here, and find the Fern for sale at around Php 50,000 here.

Herman Miller – Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller, famously known to be one of the, if not, the most premium brand when it comes to ergodynamic chairs has consistently put out high quality office chairs with unique design and great ergodynamics. It is no different with one of their flagship chairs, the Aeron. It even comes in different sizes (A, B, and C) to suit each unique person’s needs depending on their height and weight. Although you’ll be shelling out a pretty penny for this premium ergonomic chair at Php 80,000. It may be worth it if comfort is truly your number one priority when working. You may learn more about the Aeron and Herman Miller by visiting this site.

Bonus: Ergonomic Gaming Chair

IKEA – Gruppspel

Ikea Grupspell

Ikea Grupspell

Although gaming chairs are seen as some of the most appealing office chairs right now in the market, many have stated that if you’re sitting for long periods of time, gaming chairs don’t offer much ergonomics. However, what if we could combine the best of both worlds? Well IKEA has a solution. IKEA offers the Gruppspel, a unique gaming chair that comes with all the features you would expect from an ergonomic chair in a unique, minimalist gamer design. The Gruppspel comes in at P13,900 and is truly a one of a kind gaming chair. You may check the Gruppspel in IKEA’s website here.


Did your favorite ergonomic office chair make it to the list? Make sure to comment below your favorite ergonomic chair and what makes it great!

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