2K announces holiday sale

2K has recently announced its holiday sale, offering up to 75% off on its biggest games.

2K offers its holiday deals across the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Steam, and Xbox Store until January 4. Check out some of the deals below.

Borderlands 3PHP 791.80 (from PHP 2,399)
Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe EditionPHP 1,599.30 (from PHP 3,199)
Borderlands 3: Ultimate EditionPHP 2,594 (from PHP 3,991)
Civilization VIPHP 532.59 (from PHP 2,130)
Civilization VI: Platinum EditionPHP 1,375.15 (from PHP 4,166.78)
XCOM 2PHP 499.50 (from PHP 1,999)
XCOM 2 CollectionPHP 799.83 (from PHP 3,199)
XCOM: Chimera Squad – PHP 374.81 (from PHP 750)
NBA 2K21 PHP 1,144.81 (from PHP 2,290)
NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever EditionPHP 3,031.92 (from PHP 3,790)
Mafia: Definitive EditionPHP 1,124.16 (from PHP 1,499)
Mafia: TrilogyPHP 1,717.40 (from PHP 2,290)
WWE 2K BattlegroundsPHP 899.25 (from PHP 1,499)
BioShock: The Collection – PHP 262.28 (from PHP 1,575)

To see a complete list of 2K Store and other participating retailers, go to this link. Take note that titles and sale times may vary by retailer.

You may visit the official 2K Store for more information.

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