Mobile Games you could play with friends during lockdown!

The lockdown is upon us, and you guys are probably feeling bored cooped up in your home. You probably miss hanging out with your friends and making memories, having fun, and spending quality time with them. We feel you! So, because of that, we made a list of Mobile Games where you and your friends could spend your time on!

Freestyle Mobile

It’s the classic 3-on-3 street basketball game. With it’s Hip Hop themes and excellent customizations, this lets you and your friend’s team up and dominate the digital street basketball world

Black Desert Mobile

This game gives you the full MMORPG feel on your phone with excellent customizations and graphics for a mobile game. This lets you and your friends go through epic adventures to complete quests.

Maria Kart Tour

This is probably one of my personal favorites since I’ve been playing this game since the game cube era with my friends, and to be honest, this racing game never really disappoints whenever you play with friends. This game lets you and your friends go through themed Tours with different Cups, with bonus challenges and includes courses located in cities in the real world like New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Vancouver).

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you and your mates are into the classic First-Person shooter well, this is the game for you guys. Call of Duty: Mobile features many playable characters, maps, and a variety of game modes from previous games like a zombie mode which is always fun with friends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This is the most prominent MOBA mobile game to date. This game features a 5-on-5 online battle arena where you and your friends fight against an opposing team to destroy their base while defending yours. It also lets you play a variety of heroes with different classes to match up against enemies and build a team with your friends.

I hope that this article helps make up for the lost time you and your friends are missing out! If you have recommendations, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Avatar for Finn_Tadashi Finn_Tadashi says:

    Guys ever heard of IDENTITY V..??? try it at ur own risk (it’s hard not to get addicted to it)

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