Minecraft Dungeons gameplay trailer revealed

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From the makers of Minecraft, Mojang, comes a new dungeon crawler game based on the same universe — Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons E3 2019 Yugatech

Minecraft Dungeons, an also stand-alone game like Minecraft, is inspired by the classic dungeon crawlers such as the Diablo franchise. It features a combat system that lets players kill various monsters, get unique items, weapons, unlock treasures, and allows you to choose if you want to fight in melee, ranged, or magic. Since the game is based on the Minecraft universe, the game maintains its pixel-like graphics that will cater players of all age demographics especially kids.

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Minecraft Dungeons E3 2019 Yugatech 2

Minecraft Dungeons E3 2019 Yugatech 3

The game has a multiplayer feature where it lets you team up with three other people to form a 4-man party as you traverse the dungeons. The game will be officially up by Spring 2020 and will be available in numerous gaming platforms such as PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.

Minecraft Dungeons E3 2019 Yugatech 1

To know more about the game, visit their website here. Watch the gameplay trailer below.

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