Valve to launch own game streaming website

Valve accidentally went live in public in their recent own game streaming website called Steam.tv.

According to a tweet from SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik, he found out that Steam.tv is most likely a legitimate website. After checking the website’s SSL certificate, it turns out that Steamcommunity.com owns it.

Steam already has a Broadcasting feature in their application but it can’t be accessed by simply going into any browsers. The user interface is simplistic and resembles Twitch.tv with a chat room on the right side and the stream proper on the left. Valve’s spokesperson already clarified earlier that the Dota 2 Ti8 stream at Steam.tv was accidentally made public.

Since then, Steam.tv is still up but the website is empty except for the favicon of Steam. We’ll know more once Valve releases an official statement with regards to the streaming website.

Source: The Verge

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